Bored and Cold at Work

11:36 AM

Boss is out of the country today so while waiting for her feedback thru email, I did some bored shots at the office!

Wearing a white Cookie Monster shirt and a red Mango cardigan to keep me warm in a chilly area like this, which makes me not conducive to work ^^

 Sad about my big eye bags ;_;

I have here some tips on how to keep myself warm and battle the cold temperatures:

1. Heater. If you don;t have one at the office, you can put hot water in your mug and hold it every 2 monutes. It's my best heating pad at my working table XD

2. Wear socks all the time. You can remove it as you leave the office.

3. Wear the cutest gloves that you have to keep your fingers warm while typing or writing!

4. Always have a hand lotion on your file cabinet. Your hands tends to be dry when you are in a cold environment.

5. Try to exercise, and bend a little in the pantry or storage area. *Good thing our pantry doesn't have a CCTV camera installed!

6. Wear a cardigan or a sweater, just what I do everyday!

Hope it helps. Happy working time!

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  1. Ahhaha! I need to get more warmer clothes :3

  2. yes, and it's rainy here in my country today, so I really need those :)