Cat Chopstick Stands from Saizen

10:58 AM

I am so happy that I already found the "lost cats" in the house. I've bought these two lovely cat chopstick stands a year ago at Saizen Alimall branch and misplaced them at home.

I'd be adding this pink chopsticks to my Fancy Chopsticks Collection! I don't really intend to use them. I hope I could find a good case for this pair at Saizen.

I guess I am one lucky girl to get two of these kawaii chopstick stands at the store too! These are ceramic figurines where you could rest your chopsticks while eating. This is very popular in Asian countries. In fact, there are different animal stands too like panda and dog but cat is the most popular one especially in Japan.

I got them for only P85 each! Only at Saizen~ Visit the nearest Saizen branch now and hoard all the cute stuff you find there. Share your Saizen Hauls here :)

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  1. I am very eager to know how to use this chopstick, you got cute chopstick.

  2. Hahahaha. I can't even take my eyes of that cat! :O It's so cuteeee! 

  3. SO CUTE!!!!! I love saizen! and Daiso (?) and all similar stores hahaha :P

  4. Lovelyy!! *-*

    Here, the shops do not sell adorable things like those ! >3<

  5. i hope they still have this on their stores. I wasnt able to complete the set

  6. hihi stephh~~ are there similar japanese store in your place?