Smoothies at The White Hat!

7:58 PM

Crazy Heat! Yes, it's the start of summer once again.I really hate this season. Good thing there are ice creams, froyos, and cold drinks around. Speaking of froyos, we love frozen yogurts from the The White Hat! My favorite White Hat branch is at Gateway Mall, since it is really accessible from my place. Check out their latest craze, The Smoothies which I'm sure you'll love too! I was invited to take a sip of these smoothies and went to their branch at SM North EDSA, Annex.

The White Hat has three new line of cold drinks namely, Fruity Smoothies, Signature Smoothies, and Creamy Treats! Prices range from P125 - P150 each. I had a hard time choosing cause everything looks so great! Me and my boyfriend eventually decided to try their Best Seller Blueberry Grape and Banana Walnut Honey.

Blueberry Grape Smoothie has a light taste of sweet, which is actually great. It tastes like Blueberry and Grapes mixed with fresh milk and yogurt. It was soooo good, I wanted to ask for another cup. XD If you don't like sweet cold drinks, you may try this one.

Blueberry Grape Signature Smoothie

Banana Walnut Honey on the other hand was really sweet! Perfect for a sweet toothed person like me. It has a unique blend of banana, milk, yogurt, honye, and exciting bits of walnuts. I've never tasted anything like this before. This is better than any milk teas, in my opinion ;)

Banana Walnut Honey Signature Smoothie

Both flavors were suprisingly good! I would like to try their frappe-like Creamy Treats when I get back! And also, I am really curious how Mango Cream Pie tastes like. *writes down on my food trip list*

The White Hat experience is not complete without a cup of frozen yogurt. We ordered a cup of froyo topped with blueberry and strawberries for only P120. I love fruits!

 Happy and contented customers~ It's great to taste something new and different. Thank you TWH team for inviting us! Have you already tasted TWH's Smoothies? It's perfect this hot summer season, so try it now!

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  1. Wow, very cool stuff in cool place!

  2. yaniconquistadoraMarch 3, 2012 at 12:40 AM

    smoothies for perfect!

  3. I've seen this advertised in! Will definitely try this out sometime.  It's nice to know that you've given good reviews for it.

  4. I have tried their smoothies and it was indeed good. Next time I drop by TWH, I'd definitely go for their froyo, or maybe taste their waffles.

  5. yes the waffles are great! super sulit!

  6. wow really?  yes, blueberry grape was really good! try their Creamy treats, parang frappe :)

  7. The White Hat is best for chill and bonding moments with friends!