Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012

12:32 AM

I went to Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 at SM North EDSA The Block Atrium last weekend and had a lot of fun! Here's my ticket!

Long line at the registration so I just took the chance to meet and chat with my promo winners, new and old friends/co-bloggers as well. Say Hi to Czarina Ong! I went to DAY 1 with her and we chatted all day about Etude, school, and all funny stuff. Angel also joined us this afternoon too. Sadly she had to leave early. Met Erika, Andy, Claire, Wendy, Cat!, Seph and Shai, Janine, and Joey as well.

Czarina with Mr. Mime

grabbed two photos from Andy and Erika :)

with Marge and Angel

We had a chance to write/draw at the freedom wall!

Everyone were each given a Pink Cotton Candy, Pink Popcorn, Strawberry Macaron de Paris and Soboro bread from Tous Les Jours, and Selecta Cornetto Disc Ice Cream! I wish they could have some pink ice cream soon!

Etude House girls ready to assist everyone during the event. I love them!

There were also four exciting game booths too where you could win prizes like product samples, Shinee fan and folders. Ticket holders get a chance to play once on each game booth. I am not a good sport so I only one on DAY 1. T_T But I made my revenge on DAY 2 with the help of the boyfriend!

Goal In! Shoot that Cotton Bud!

Sweetie's Spin! The easiest one!

Who am I? Throwing balls at the right product. If you are good at playing darts, you could possibly win the game. Sadly, I am not. XD

Doll me up! Placing eyebrows and cheeks on the right places while blindfolded

Remember Betsy, the pink Etude beetle car? She's present at the event too! 

Hello there bratty girl! Hahaha!

Ballerina girl was also there to entertain guests as she danced gracefully inside the giant music box.

Jampacked makeover booth! We weren't able to try it but I'm sure Princesses who luckily had a makeover were all glam up that afternoon.

On DAY 1, the program started with a greeting from Etude House Philippines President Ms. Andrea Amado and thanked everyone for making Etude House very successful here in the Philippines. Then Mr. Boram Kim  (Etude Global Specialist) had a Skin Care Talk. I was listening to his tips while we lined up in Meg booth. They gave us free back issues of MEG Magazine :)

Next, they had a Fashion Trend Report from L.A. Ferriols of Meg. Followed by Ning Hilario's Beauty Class 101. She's the beauty editor of MEG. Then they had Personality Development Program by Levenson Rodriguez. I learned a lot from him! *seats up straight* In between programs, they raffled prizes as well. Last was Someday Dream wherein they played 5 of their songs. Fans went all gaga I swear.

On DAY 2, they had a continuation of Mr. Boram Kim's Skin Care Talk and Levenson Rodriguez's Personality Development Seminar. Then Beauty Class 101 of Ms. Younhee Kang, Etude Global Makeup Artist.

Finally, they've announced the winners of Pink Artiste! Congratulations to Orange Tuazon for grabbing the first prize! Carmel Songco got the 2nd, and Czarina won the 3rd prize. The event ended with a  beautiful performance from Stephanie Dan!

Here's my most favorite booth - The Photobooth! I love the set~ Looks very similar to Etude House Korea. Everyone got a hard copy of their photos, placed in a frame. :)

It was a huge success! Kudos to the whole Etude House team. It was a dream come true for all of us Princes and Princesses! Wanna be Sweet? Play Etude~

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  1. carizza, this looked like a looot of fun. super girly day! lavet :) 

    hearts,Melai of Style and Soul

  2. It was nice meeting you there although I didn't stay long. :) 
    Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Hello~! Waah. We didn't get a chance to take pictures together T^T But it was great seeing you again, if only for a moment. :)

  4. the pink beetle car is so cute!!! ^_^~

  5. Nice to meet you! Sorry, I had to leave early... 

  6. ang cute.. hahha pag nakita to ng kaibigan kung adik sa kulay pink naku inggit mode yun...
    tas andito pa yung new fave band ko sa SD!!

  7. Nice! I love pink so I can appreciate everything here. Hehe.

  8. Oh wow I saw you there at Day 1. So pretty! :)

  9. Wow! I didn't know that Lev Rodriguez was also there. Lev and Stephanie Dan are both my cousins though I have never seen them perform or speak live. I was supposed to attend with Marj but I was in Batangas that day.
    So sad to have missed it. :( Etude's event looks so bongga! I hope I get to catch the next one.

    Your corset top looks really cute!

  10. yes pls, you and marj. see you again soon :>

  11. oh sad we didnt had the chance to talk.. thanks btw :)

  12. didnt have any idea about SD until this event haha

  13. yes, I really have to mention it here haha

  14. onga nohhhhhh.. i had to leave early on day 2 kasi huhu

  15. hehe actually I was one lucky girl to get a chance to meet you! ;)

  16. Ze event looks so kikay and tons of fun! I wish I had the time to go and played those mini games. Hope to meet you someday~

  17. it was nice meeting you again, cariz!!! :)
    see you again in future events. at pa-grab ng photos! haha. tnx!!! :)

  18. sayang we werent able to have the chance to talk before at snoe event. etude is so pink and lovely :3 you should try their products!

  19. gow gow gow, yeah see you again soon sweetie~

  20. You certainly enjoyed the event.
    The photos showed a pretty Carizza
    having fun with new friends and
    getting exposed to some opportunities maybe.

  21. looks like it was really a fun event. I would have gone there. I love pink!

  22. Now I Know! Ganito pala yang mga event² na yan :)

  23. hahaha if ever invited, would you join this kind of event? ;)

  24. wow! as in full of pink at Pink Fair..

  25. Macarons caught my eyes there! :D Pretty in cool to look at....pretty you too!