Fete Rouge - MEG's 14th Anniversary

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Fete Rouge! 
With Shades of Red, MEG Is Celebrating Its 14th Anniversary

MEG celebrates its 14th anniversary this month of June with a smashing party for all the bold young women of today. The event happened last June 21, at the 7th High. Guests were all encouraged to wear Red - the color of grand festivities, passion, love, and celebration. Young and hip crowd painted the town red with their fierce outfits.

The MEG anniversary party theme took inspiration from the Victorian Era, bringing the MEG woman back to a time of overt romance and elegance. The party started as soon as guests stepped on the bold flashing red LED lights coming from the floor.

My outfit for the night. Photo courtesy of 7th High:

Fierce! As fierce as the latest MEG covergirl which is none other than Marian Rivera!

Here's a little trivia for you guys: Did you know that Marian Rivera was one of MEG’s Face Finalists back when she was still “Marian Gracia” in 2004? - she still had braces on!

Patty Laurel, who was wearing a Mara Chua dress, was the host of the night. She'll also be the host of the upcoming “I AM MEG: Own The World In Style” reality show. :)

The 12 finalists of “I AM MEG: Own The World In Style” were introduced one by one. The chosen girls walked out from the frames, revealing the Top 12 girls who made it as contestants in the upcoming reality TV show. 

noticed her 100% good projection all the way

Since it's MEG's 14th anniversary, MEG surprised the audience with the revelation that 2 more girls from the Top 30 semi-finalist roster would be joining the Top 12. Meaning, there would be 14 finalists!

MEG called the rest of the Top 30 and each one of them introduced themselves to the crowd. They gave their 100% best to make it to the Top 14.

Here are some of the girls who made lasting impressions:

Who do you think made a one step closer to becoming MEG’s first ever Style Ambassador? Can you guess who among these girls made it to the Top 14? Find out at www.iammeg.ph soon!

MEG once again marked another milestone with its 14th anniversary, giving the bold young women of today, a cause for celebration and the inspiration to WOW THEM ALL.

The event is in partnership with 7th High, San Miguel Flavored Beer, and HUMAN, with giveaways from The Faceshop.

MEG is a prestige publication of One Mega Group.
For the latest updates, visit www.iammeg.ph 

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  1. This is like ANTM Meg version! hahaha :D I don't have the guts to go through something like that but I really admire the girls who do. Good luck to them all! :D

  2. I haven't heard of I AM MEG yet.. I'm so unupdated! haha.. Anyway, I'll be staying tune for this 'cause I enjoy watching reality shows.. :) Good luck to all of them!

  3. Pretty Girls, i hope was like them during my younger years ,with guts to join this kind of beauty, modeling ,girls contest.

  4. I like Marian Rivera she is one beautiful woman :-) I have never read this kind of magazine yet :-) I will check it one once I visit the Philippines next week :-)


  5. Fiery red girls! Lovely all...like sumi I'm outdated haha...

  6. Wow! galing!! kasama kba jan? Astig naman

  7. so many pretty ladies! and ang cute ni marian before hahaha :P Hope to see you again carizza!! :)
    Rovie, Win MARIS Accessories on The Bargain Doll + 2 Existing Giveaways!

  8. Gorgeous in red! :) Nice fun fact about marian. :P

  9. great photos! i was there too! :-)

    followed you through GFC
    pls follow mine,too!


  10. girl pagrab naman photos ill credit you promise:)))