Im Dreaming of Summer

5:24 PM

I know we're about about to hit the BER months but I have a summer feeling today! It's really hot here in the Philippines now. I used to hate it, but after the traumatic typhoons that hit our place, I started to embrace the warm weather.

Top from Redhead (SM GTW) // Maxi Pants from Sparkle Shop
Belt from Betty (SM GTW) // Accessories from Forever 21
Straw hat from SM Kids Section


On outfit above: Just a simple summery look with crazy mix of geometric and floral prints. I really like this top from Redhead. I think I can match it with all my outfits from my closet! I should visit SM GTW and look for more tops like this.

Straw Hat is from SM Kid's Section (bought it with this item). Always a kid at heart. Sometimes, shopping at the girls/ladies section isn't enough. I also check items that are supposedly for kids. Haha. I remember buying stockings from there too!

I feel so productive as an Ayu fan the past few weeks. I finished downloading all AYU READY episodes, A Summer Best album, and A-Nation 2012! Haha! I'll copy her recent summer look when I have time. ;)

I hope you're loving the weather as much as I do!

Thanks Mark, Mich, and Zel for the photos. Post edited by me.

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  1. Dhadha G. {}August 30, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    I love your over-all look sis! :)

    Naku, same tau. Hihi. Usually after ko mag check sa ladies section, pumupunta ako sa kid's section pra maghanap ng mga items since mostly eh kasya sakin dahil maliit ako. Hehe. :D

  2. hohoho especially if youre looking for a pretty cute style dba? :)

  3. You look sooo cute! I love shopping at the teens section actually and I go to the kids section for accessories also :D

  4. lovin' the light and breezy vibe of this look ^__^

  5. i like the fish-scale looking maxi pants. and the hat is so cute.

  6. Oh, I love the overall outfit especially the hat - Dutchess ang peg! :)

  7. amazing pants dear! I'm a sucker of pants jeans leggings anything! you name it! i have a lot in my closet for some sort of reason too i can't wear skirt or shorts coz i have big dark brown birth mark, xx

  8. love the top. its a dress diba? or a top? weird ko. haha. hope to see you soon "_"

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  9. top only, rov :) see you at candy fair!

  10. hahaha thanks florence, ooh i would love to collect those kinds of hats!

  11. hehe thankksss for the lovely photos, lahat meron ako. hahaha

  12. It's your top and the hat that I like mucho! =)