Style Series Presents: Veejay Floresca

9:49 PM

Last Thursday, August 23, was the longest day of my month. After work we headed to Prive Luxury Club x Mega Magazine event for Style Series presenting Veejay Floresca. Here's what I wore for the event:

Oversized dress from Sophie Paris // Bag from Sophie Paris //
Wedges from Parisian

I was with my best escort and boyfriend ever, Eton. :)

Veejay showcased his final collection which was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge and apart from that, the event served as his send-off party to pursue his fashion studies in San Francisco. Take a look at his favorite muses of various shapes and sizes:

It was really beautiful!  :) I personally like Kris Bernal's and Queneerich Rehman's outfit. The designs are definitely flattering on a woman's body without showing any unwanted garment lines. The party didn't stop there. It was also an open bar for everyone to enjoy!

with the sweet and humble Filipino fashion designer Veejay and his first lychee margarita... I think he had 6?! that night! Best of luck Veejay! I hope you'll do great and learn a lot in San Francisco. It excites me to see what new designs you'll offer on your comeback. Go global and more power!

Thanks ARC for the invite!

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  1. Open bar! Goodness, it's been ages since I last tasted alcohol!

  2. You look beautiful Carizz! :) Veejay Floresca is talented, really! I was supposed to get him for my wedding gown but he's too booked and cant make a rushed one !:'(

    The Misty Mom

  3. thanksss shari! sayang.. he's one of the best designers that we have!

  4. You look so pretty ^^ i love your dress<3

  5. You wore a lovely outfit for the event! And your escort looks dapper, too! I didn't receive your comment, by the way! Thanks in advance!

  6. thanks tetcha. ill send another one again :)

  7. looks like an interesting event. i like those lace-up dresses. cute for cocktail parties. i used to blog about designer events in the past, as well.