Estrel's Cake

2:06 PM

Sister just ordered the best and famous cake in town for her birthday - Estrel's!

Estrel's Caramel Cakes specializes in made to order chiffon cake covered with yummy icing. Caramel icing is their best seller but we prefer butter icing goodness this time.

The chiffon was so soft and fresh and the sweetness of butter icing was perfect. I love those rich and colorful butter cream roses. Thought they were candies. I was surprised to know that each rose were piped by hand! The person that we talked to was kind enough to ask if we wanted to put a message around it for free.

The kid in me

Guaranteed fresh! It has no preservative so we had to consume it in 2 days! D: Prices range from P500 to P5000. It's a bit pricey noh? But definitely a must try. ;) You need to place orders ahead of time since they only make limited quantity everyday.

Belated Happy Birthday Small Sister!

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  1. I love Estrel's cake! :) One of my favorites even though I don't usually like cake :D

  2. The cake is too cute!:)

  3. I love Estrel's :) even better than Hizon's :)

  4. Ohh now I know what to get for my bday next month!

  5. Cute design :D Bagay din sayo sis yung design ng cake. Prettty!

  6. Classy designs and the melt in your sensation is definitely Estrels!

  7. do they have vegan cakes? just curious...